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Private Security for Special Events Nationwide

Private event security has never been more important than it is today. Danger, disturbance, and risk are on the rise due to civil unrest. You need a trusted security team with the right experience to maintain order and provide security for your special event. You need Elite Investigations. Our company is the most trusted name in private security nationwide. As a recognized leader in special event security services, we work with esteemed clients in a wide variety of industries. Our special event security team members are professional, experienced, and expertly managed. They have the right training and former law enforcement backgrounds. That means they can plan and execute security for almost every type of event. This includes grand openings, film and theater premieres, concerts, celebrity appearances, and more. Let us work with you to plan everything and meet your security needs. You are in good hands with Elite Investigations.

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Security for Events of All Sizes

Our special event security plans are customized to suit your needs. Our security team leaders and staff will meet with you to review your event’s details. We discuss the right levels of personnel for total security. We layout every important security factor involved with your events, such as location, attendees, live entertainment, and more. By equipping our special event security teams to handle crowds in the hundreds, even thousands, we provide professional risk management services. We handle events of every size, from corporate event security in meeting rooms to stadiums. We create thorough security programs and strategies that address all of your concerns. For events large and small, you have an expert partner when you work with us.

Specialized Event Security for Fashion & Entertainment

Though we offer event security for almost every industry, entertainment security is one of our specialties. We provide full-scale security for large events in the world of fashion, celebrities, and the restaurant industry. But our work goes beyond entryway security and runway protection. Our company rises above the security standard to match changing situations. That means we reduce and eliminate distractions you do not need to make sure everything goes smoothly. We know what moves to make to recognize threats and prevent them. Using us, you get advanced, intelligent planning that serves your individual, company, or organization’s security needs. So, what do our special event security services look like? A small sample of our capabilities includes:

  • Load-In/Load-Out Services: Vehicles are at risk before and after events. We give you the security staff you need to safeguard loading, unloading, and transportation.
  • Traffic Logistics: Events can quickly turn into chaos without proper direction. Our company can expertly handle traffic flow for guests from start to finish.
  • Escorting Services: Our special security personnel makes the perfect escorts and security for parties, sporting events, and more. They are discreet, professional, courteous, and ready for everything.
  • Staff & Guest Credentials: No one is getting into your event unless you want them there. Our security teams are experts at verifying guests and staff. We will keep your event secure.

What Do Special Event Security Guards Do?

Our special event security guards provide protective security making risk management their top priority. We understand the needs of this type of work and do more than “stand at a door.” For more than 40 years, our event security teams have perfected their methods to take on several important roles:

  • Crowd Control: We train our teams to manage large crowds. They keep a watchful eye on everything and react to potential threats before they become problems.
  • Disruption Prevention: We are polite to attendees, yet firm when we need to be. Special security staff will not tolerate disruptive or disrespectful behavior. We also provide surveillance operations behind the scenes.
  • Guest Verification: We will greet guests and check guest list IDs. We establish presence and order.
  • Event Monitoring: Our staff members make their rounds throughout the night. We monitor activity and create an unseen perimeter to maintain control. If a problem does arise, we deal with it quickly and without interruption to your event.
  • Discreet Strategists: Our security personnel will always communicate with you about our methods and strategies and alleviate your concerns. We also maintain the highest levels of discretion for sensitive matters to avoid any embarrassment.
  • Event Service Facilitators: We help you secure all required permits. We can even help you find the right production companies, PR firms, lighting and sound companies, and more. Elite Investigations has the resources to offer total coverage for event management security roles throughout the New York Metro area.

How We Help with Your Event Security Needs

Elite Investigations works with your event management on every security detail. We are proactive when addressing any challenges. We also reduce your risk of liability by helping you to ensure all required permits are secured. With this added level of support, working with us can help you avoid unnecessary expenses and legal trouble. Our guards are diligent and detail-oriented and specialize in crisis response and emergencies. Whether your event is an autograph signing, art gallery opening, fundraising dinner, or fashion event, our company is prepared for all types of unique scenarios.

Contact Elite Investigations for Event Security

The Elite Investigations special event security team goes above and beyond to proactively address your needs and to meet ever-changing situations and circumstances. When you choose Elite Investigations, you are choosing the best. Contact our security team today to start planning your special event security. We will discuss all of your options to make sure your event is secure and a total success.

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