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Special Events by Elite Investigations Ltd.

Elite is the recognized leader in providing customized, Special Event service to the most
discerning clients. We have the most highly professional, experienced and expertly managed
Special Event Team in the industry. Our Special Event management personnel are experienced security professionals and former high-ranking law enforcement leaders who have planned and executed almost every type of event. These events include grand openings, film and theater premieres, concerts, celebrity appearances, autograph signings, art gallery openings, fund raising dinners, fashion events and events specific to your needs.

security guard

How Do I Determine the Correct Staffing for My Event?

When you engage the services of a security company that provides special event security services their representative should meet with you to review all the details of your event to determine the appropriate staffing levels based on a range of factors including venue location, live entertainment, liquor service and VIP attendees.

Pre-Event Planning

We partner with you to plan and execute your Special Event. From events where crowd sizes number from the hundreds to the thousands, or at venues ranging in size from a meeting room to professional stadiums and arenas, we create security programs uniquely suited to your event needs. To ensure the best and most comprehensive coverage, our experts work with your management and event staff to identify potential threats and develop effective strategies to meet them.

The Elite Special Event Team goes Above and Beyond to proactively address your needs and to meet ever-changing situations and circumstances. When you choose Elite, you are choosing the best!

Your Complete Special Event Solution

Elite goes Above & Beyond to help our clients ensure that all required permits are secured. As a courtesy we can assist in identifying reputable production companies, PR Firms, Lighting and sound companies.

Security Guard & Investigative Services