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Security Services

Elite’s primary business is to supply superior security guard and patrol services. We service most vertical markets and have nationwide capability.

The Elite team carefully selects qualified officers who are provided with the necessary support & direction by our management teams. We recognize the importance of our client’s needs & objectives and tailor our assignments accordingly.

Elite staff is trained to be alert and proactive while strictly following client pre-approved guidelines. Our officers are provided with quality uniforms and are aware that their appearance and conduct must reflect favorably for your brand. Elite security officers are required to provide their service in a customer-friendly manor.

Elite’s superior industry customer retention level reflects years of commitment to providing quality service!

security guard

Scope of Security Services

To provide our clients with a broad range of security services at one or multiple sites for short term or permanent coverage, we develop and implement cost effective programs designed to meet all your needs. Services include:

  • Uniformed Security Guard & Patrol Services
  • Flaggers
  • Concierge
  • Fire Safety Officers & Directors
  • Special Event Officers
  • Loss Prevention Staff

Comprehensive Training

Training is always a priority for our clients and for us. We have developed one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry and are in full compliance with local laws and regulations. All our security officers receive additional site-specific training, which focuses on familiarizing them your standard operating procedures.

Our goal is to provide you with the trained, qualified and prepped security personnel to provide the services you need and expect.

Hands-On Professionals

Our senior management team is comprised of hands-on professionals who actively participate in your security program as your partners. We focus on your procedures and issues, and we reinforce these needs at every level of our management. Our concept of service delivery recognizes that everyone on our team must be a resource in providing professional service in a customer friendly manner.

Security Guard & Investigative Services