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Elite Investigations, LTD Security Services

At Elite Investigations, LTD, our contract security officers are the foundation of our business. Therefore we ensure that our officers are qualified security specialists, as well as trained customer service professionals. Regardless of their position or job function, each member of the Elite Investigations, LTD team knows that you and your company assets are of the highest level of importance. All of our employees are completely committed to treating our valued customers with respect and dignity. Seven days a week and 24 hours a day, Elite Investigations, LTD employees go forth with the knowledge and skills developed through a unique training program designed to provide you with the most complete sense of security.

One of the most important factors in the success of our company has been attributed to our very unique approach in handling supervision.  During our early years ownership developed a very unique concept which was untested in the private security field.  This concept called for the assignment of off duty law enforcement officers who would be given the task of providing primary supervision over our uniformed security officers. Additionally they were given the responsibility of becoming problem solvers, for our security officers as well as our clients.

The concept required our law enforcement teams to become partners with our uniformed security officers as well as our client’s site representative so that the maximum effort and immediate and efficient response was provided in dealing with security related issues and conditions.

This program has been successfully implemented in every area of our security force operations, from retail locations to commercial buildings to residential facilities as well as shopping malls.  Our program has proven to be extremely successful in providing quality service to our highly diversified client base.

Elite senior management are hands on professionals who actively participate within our program and work along side our client partners.  Recognition of client’s rules and procedures are reinforced at every level of management.  The Elite concept recognizes that everyone can be a resource in providing quality service in a customer friendly environment.

Training is always a priority at Elite Investigations, LTD. We have developed one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry and are in full compliance with government mandated training. In addition to government mandated training, all of our security officers receive additional site-specific training, which focuses on familiarizing them with standard operational procedures, and emergency response procedures at our client’s facilities.

Because Elite Investigations LTD is a full service security and investigative company, our resources and flexibility are unlimited. Regardless of your security needs, single or multiple sights, short term or extended coverage, we can develop and implement the appropriate level of security services required.

At Elite Investigations, LTD, we offer a variety of security services designed to meet all your needs, accomplish goals and provide the highest level of security and safety for our clients.


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