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Security Awareness Seminars by Elite Investigations

Violence in the Workplace

The destruction and damage caused by workplace violence can have ripple effects throughout your organization.

  • Identify the threat
  • Employee Disputes
  • Legal Aspects
Active Shooter Seminars
  • Training – Schools, Corporate Buildings
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
Explosive Detection and Recognition

Airplanes, vehicles, shopping malls, big businesses each of these, mixed well with terrorism and explosives of any kind, is a recipe for real trouble.

Emergency Planning and Evacuations

Our team of seasoned security professionals will bring your thinking up to date on this critical topic.

  • Evacuation plans
  • Emergencies & fire to terrorism
  • Advanced planning
Personal Safety Awareness

The last thing your organization needs is an injured or threatened employee.

  • Protecting yourself
  • The art of being aware
Security Risk Management

At the end of the day, every department in an organization has a stake in risk management.

  • Managing risk
  • Safety and security in the workplace
  • Effects on employees
Partnering with Local Law Enforcement
  • Community policing
  • Comstat
  • How to partner with law enforcement


Kenneth J. Grossberger

Security industry executive – 43 years

Chuck Garelick

Special Event / Crowd Control Specialist

Wally Zeins

Hostage Negotiator / NYPD (RET.)

Gary Weksler

Retired NYPD Lieutenant

Security Guard & Investigative Services