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Security Services Offered Nationwide

Elite provides security guard, loss prevention, special event consulting and investigative services to its clients across the USA, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

Elite’s dedicated risk management team, supported by our 24 hour state of the art command center, provides high quality security services across North America. Elite provides security guard, loss prevention, special event consulting, and investigative services to national and international clientele through a vast network of Certified Network Partners (CNPs). Our CNPs are professionals who uphold Elite’s high standards of customer service quality. They are fully vetted, and provide a unique ability to work with clients’ leadership teams to ensure satisfaction and contract compliance.

security guard in front of computers

Memberships and Partnerships

Elite maintains active memberships in numerous international organizations in order to allow the company to access information, support, assistance and specialized expertise as the client’s needs may dictate. Some of these organizations include: World Association of Detectives, ASIS International, etc.

Security Guard & Investigative Services