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Corporate, Civil, Background, & Criminal Investigative Services

Elite Investigations has been a leader in providing professional and comprehensive investigative services for almost 40 years. Our Investigative Division performs a wide variety of investigative and intelligence services specifically designed to fit your needs. Our highly experienced team of private investigators in Westchester County is dedicated to providing you with detailed information to assist you in making informed decisions to resolve your issues. Our team has been successful in performing and managing investigations for years. That’s a credit to their extensive experience both as law enforcement officers and security industry professionals.

Comprehensive Investigative Services

Corporate Investigators

Our corporate investigation services start with a thorough investigation of a corporation or business to uncover wrongdoing. We can determine whether it’s being committed by management, employees, or third parties. We can discover if a business partner is legitimate, if employees are stealing from a company, or if fraud or embezzlement are occurring. Types of corporate investigations we can perform include undercover investigations, research, corporate internal investigations, financial investigations, electronic discovery, and more. Elite Investigations Ltd. also utilizes due diligence, public record searches, and press and media searches and can look into mergers and acquisitions. Contact us to learn more about what our corporate investigations can do for you.

Matrimonial Investigations

Our matrimonial private investigation services include civil matters. They also relate to areas including spousal surveillance, child custody, and abduction, office and internet infidelity, pre-nuptials and relationships


Thorough Civil Investigation Services for Civil Trials

The purpose of a civil investigation is to uncover and assemble evidence that’s needed for a civil trial. Our civil investigations can help find a missing person and also include investigating harassment and identity theft. Civil matters may consist of lawsuits related to accidents or other disputes between individuals or organizations. Common types of civil investigations include personal injury investigations, workers’ compensation investigations, child custody and abuse investigations, and marital investigations.

Fast and Accurate Insurance Investigations

Our professional investigative services include insurance fraud investigations. Our experienced private investigators can find out whether insurance fraud is being committed. Insurance fraud can relate to health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and more. We also investigate matters relating to disability and injury, accident report preparation, and product liability. Contact us today to learn more about our investigation services in Westchester County and beyond.

Undercover Private Investigative Services

You’ve probably seen undercover investigations in the movies or on TV. In real life, they’re a critical part of many types of private investigations. Our undercover services can assist in investigations related to retail shopping, club and bar compliance, and employment infiltration. Our undercover investigators gather intelligence and will gain the firsthand knowledge necessary to complete your investigation.

Landlord-Tenant Services

Elite Investigation Ltd.’s landlord-tenant investigation services can help landlords determine if their renters are using their properties for illegal or unauthorized use. We can provide pre-tenant screens before you allow someone to occupy your home. We can also interview your potential tenants and prepare their files for you. Our team can also verify primary residence when necessary, so contact us today to discuss your needs with us.

Retail Loss Prevention Investigations

If you own or run a retail business, you know that your inventory is the livelihood of your business. Unfortunately, all too often, theft by visitors or employees occurs. This can cost you money and can even happen without you realizing it. Our retail loss prevention investigative services include crime trend analysis and a risk evaluation survey. We also investigate organized retail crime and can act as a law enforcement liaison.

Background Investigations

Most of us come into contact with new people every single day. We have no idea of what they’ve done in the past or what types of things they might be hiding from us. While not everyone is a criminal, you’ll want to do your homework before you hire someone or trust them with your money. Our background investigations include pre-employment screenings, public records searches, and online services. We can create an executive dossier to help you be prepared and make the best choices about who to allow into your private or professional life.

Experienced Criminal Private Investigators

Criminal investigations collect evidence of a crime being committed. Our experienced team of investigators can determine if a crime has been committed. We can then look into the background of the accused to try to uncover who committed the crime. While law enforcement also provides criminal investigations, they are often overloaded on cases. Hiring a private investigator puts extra eyes on your case and can speed up the process. We operate within the law and use all the tools available at our disposal to gather evidence related to fraud, bribery, extortion, and other matters.

Your Trusted Private Investigators

You can trust our experienced team of private investigators for your internal investigation or corporate investigation. No matter how complicated your case may be, our team can handle the task by utilizing the best private investigative techniques like going undercover, gathering evidence, and searching records. If you’re ready to get your investigation underway, contact the trusted professionals at Elite Investigations today.


Due Diligence
Public Record Search
Mergers & Acquisitions
Press and Media Search


Personal Harassment
Missing Person
Identity Theft
Forensic Accounting


Spousal Surveillance
Child Custody and Abduction
Office and Internet Infidelity
Pre-nuptial and Relationship


Product Liability
Disability and Injury Verification
Accident Report Preparation
Workman’s Compensation

Undercover Division

Employment Infiltration
Retail Shopping Service
Club and Bar Compliance Visits
Intelligence Gathering

Landlord Tenant Service

Primary Residence Verification
Criminal and
Unauthorized Use
Pre-Tenant Screen
Interview and Tenant File Preparation

Retail Loss Prevention

Organized Retail Crime (ORC)
Law Enforcement Liaison
Crime Trend Analysis
Risk Evaluation Survey

Background Division

Executive Dossier Preparation
Public Records Search
On-line Service


Law Enforcement Procedural Analysis Defense Preparation
Expert Witness Testimony
Evidence Gathering and Evaluation Witness Locate and Interview
Fraud, Bribery and Extortion

Security Guard & Investigative Services