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Corporate & Private Investigations

Elite Investigations has been a leader in providing professional and comprehensive investigative services for almost 40 years. Our Investigative Division has the capability to perform a wide variety of investigative and intelligence services specifically designed to fit your needs.

Our highly experienced team of investigators is dedicated to providing you with the detailed information that will assist you in making informed decisions to resolve your issues. Our team has been successful in performing and managing investigations based on their extensive experience both as law enforcement officers and security industry professional.


Due Diligence
Public Record Search
Mergers & Acquisitions
Press and Media Search


Missing PersonaHarassment
Missing Person
Identity Theft
Forensic Accounting


Spousal Surveillance
Child Custody and Abduction
Office and Internet Infidelity
Pre-nuptial and Relationship


Product Liability
Disability and Injury Verification
Accident Report Preparation
Workman’s Compensation

Undercover Division

Employment Infiltration
Retail Shopping Service
Club and Bar Compliance Visits
Intelligence Gathering

Landlord Tenant Service

Primary Residence Verification
Criminal and Unauthorized Use
Pre-Tenant Screen
Interview and Tenant File Preparation

Retail Loss Prevention

Organized Retail Crime (ORC)
Law Enforcement Liaison
Crime Trend Analysis
Risk Evaluation Survey

Background Division

Executive Dossier Preparation
Public Records Search
On-line Service


Law Enforcement Procedural Analysis Defense Preparation
Expert Witness Testimony
Evidence Gathering and Evaluation Witness Locate and Interview
Fraud, Bribery and Extortion

Security Guard & Investigative Services