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Security Risk Management Consulting Services

Businesses in every industry face a security risk of one kind or another. It doesn’t matter if you’re a national company or a small local business; security is important on every level. Elite Investigations performs security risk prevention for companies of all sizes. Our experienced and certified staff carefully examines all possible threats and risks a business is open to and provides clear and actionable plans to deter or act on any breach. As technology evolves and companies change how they conduct business, it’s critical to have a professional risk assessment performed to protect your company and employees.

Security Risk Management Consulting Services

The Best Defense is Security Risk Assessment and Prevention

In today’s world, your company could be at risk in ways that might not have occurred to you. No matter what line of business you are in, there is always the potential for physical security risks, fraud and financial crimes, asset loss, harm to executives, or possible disaster or emergency situation loss. Our security risk assessment and prevention strategies analyze and identify these kinds of security risks and implement plans to act on in the event of a threat. With over four decades of experience in security and investigation services, Elite Investigations has the expertise to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited and protect you with effective strategies to combat those potential violations.

The Safeguards Your Business Needs to Manage Security Risk

Elite Investigation’s consulting division is led by senior security industry professionals. We have decades of experience providing professional security risk prevention consulting. Our experts have the highest security certifications in the industry, including the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and government security clearances. Our goal is to help our clients manage the many security risks they may face with a comprehensive offering of consulting services for the following programs:

  • Corporate Risk Management: Every employee in an organization plays a role in reducing and limiting financial losses, from executives and managers to frontline employees. We can educate and put plans in place to minimize loss commonly found through people and technology.
  • Threat Assessments: Our threat assessment consultations are broken down into three phases. Phase one is an overview and assessment of all possible threats. Phase two discusses planning and training about potential threats. Phase three handles the implementation of all plans and protocols.
  • Risk Assessment: Identifying hazards and situations that could be harmful to employees and customers is critical in risk assessment. Through surveys and practice drills, we can help you identify the risks your business faces and the action to take in the event of an emergency.
  • Physical Security Consulting: Protecting people, property, and physical assets from events that can cause damage or loss take careful planning and the forethought to assess potential risks. From large public events to priceless valuables, our physical security consultants bring peace of mind to any situation.
  • Elite Vulnerability Assessment Team (E-V AT): If you’re in a niche industry or have a situation with circumstances that require special handling, Elite Investigations is more than prepared to provide you with the detailed special attention you need with our E-V AT, a team of specialized professionals for critical situations.
  • Emergency Planning: Having an emergency plan in place can be the difference in saving people, property, and assets from experiencing damage, harm, or loss. While no company looks forward to needing an emergency plan, being prepared is the best defense.
  • Business Continuity: When a company experiences a threat or loss, it’s imperative to have a plan in place to continue operations that minimize the effect on employees, customers, and revenue. Our security risk assessment consultations will help plan your business continuity strategy.

Work with the Leaders in Security Management

To properly prepare for any threat or risk that your business is vulnerable to, it takes professional security management professionals like the staff at Elite Investigations to determine what the dangers are and what the best way is to combat them. Choosing the consulting services of our certified investigators and security protection specialists provides the convenience and safety of having all of your assessments, security plans, and recovery procedures in one system for easy reference.

Schedule Your Risk & Threat Assessment Consultation

The best way to help determine where and when risks are likely to occur in any organization is with the help of the seasoned veterans at Elite Investigation Since 1980, our former law enforcement officers and investigators have been providing security risk management services for local customers and national accounts across the U.S. Do you know where your business is vulnerable to risk and loss? Knowing is a great defense. Having a plan in place to implement in the event it happens provides the greatest chance of coming out on top. Contact our security risk prevention consulting team today.

Security Guard & Investigative Services