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Personal Protection Services

Why Hire an Executive Protection Service?

Due to status, careers, affiliations, or financial worth, public personalities, high-net-worth individuals, and VIPs may be subject to heightened personal risk. Experienced security teams safeguard these high-risk individuals from physical, financial, and reputational harm through strategic risk assessment and proactive planning.

Elite Investigations offers executive protection services for high-profile persons to secure their safety and avoid security difficulties. Our discreet staff members are experts at assisting businesses and the government in protecting VIP personnel. Our protective security specialists have years of expertise and are praised for dedication, professionalism, and high-level services.

Our VIP and high-net-worth client protection services include:

  • Provide you with peace of mind
  • Close personal security
  • Protective movements and armed escorts
  • VIP protection for corporations and celebrities
  • Avoid dangerous situations
  • Stay safe in unfamiliar environments
  • Safe international travel for business executives, diplomats, and celebrities
  • Provide you with expert security advice
  • Diplomats' high-threat protection
  • Armed vehicle transportation
  • Route and location scouting and clearance
  • Advancement, defense, and counter-surveillance security teams

What To Expect From Your Security Team?

When you hire an Elite Investigations executive protection service, you can expect a team of highly trained and experienced security professionals. They provide you with around-the-clock private security and handle any situation that arises. You can also expect discretion and professionalism at all times. And if the need arises, our security teams offer a wide range of specialized services. These include surveillance, forensics investigation, and kidnapping prevention.

Executive Protection

Also called close protection, executive protection is the term for the private security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of a person and their family who may be at risk because of their professional life, status, net worth, affiliations, or geographic location. These services can vary from day-to-day personal security management to long-term surveillance and investigations. Our company offers comprehensive services tailored to your needs and always created with your complete privacy in mind.

Celebrity Protection

Celebrities and the famous hire bodyguards to protect them from hazards such as paparazzi, insane fans, stalkers, ex-partners, and many others. Our VIP bodyguards provide the highest level of protection and undergo thorough training. Their skills developed over years of experience, which means they know how to handle any situation. They can work in any environment and for customers with varied needs and budgets. For example, some might be looking for a bodyguard for special occasions or travel. Others may need around-the-clock protection or extra security during high-profile events like red carpet premieres or award ceremonies.

High Net Worth Individuals

High-net-worth individuals' security extends beyond physical safety to privacy from those who may harm reputations. This harm can include identity theft, information disclosure, and so on. We use unbreakable encryption for communications to protect our clients' privacy. These considerations help ensure that your executive protection service is more than just a bodyguard service - it's a full privacy protection service.

How Do We Ensure The Safety of Our Clients?

At Elite Investigations, the safety and security of our clients are always our top priority. We go above and beyond to protect clients from potential threats. Our highly trained and experienced security professionals are available 24/7 to provide around-the-clock protection. We use the latest technology and security measures to keep our clients safe.

Why Choose Our Company Over Others?

When choosing a VIP protection service, you want a company with your best interests at heart. Here are five reasons why our company is the best choice for executive protection services:

1. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals.

2. We use the latest technology and equipment to keep our clients safe.

3. We tailor our services to each client's needs.

4. We are available 24/7/365.