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Our Mission

The fears associated with the events of September 11 and other major terrorist attacks have transformed our society into one of increased vigilance and extreme caution.  As a result, the need for physical security practitioners to handle a wide variety of challenges has also increased.  From protection of company assets and corporate executives to company personnel and facilities, the role of security professionals cannot be overstated.  By recognizing that you have chosen the best company available to you to carry out this function is the first and most important step in achieving your overall security goals.

Our Mission at Elite Investigations, LTD is to provide comprehensive security, protection and investigative services in the most professional and consistent manner.  We want to assure that you have chosen a company with long standing stability, the highest level of integrity and most importantly, a company that is reliable and true to commitment.

The corporate executives at Elite Investigations, LTD are continuously analyzing strategic threats and partnering with corporate clients to develop state of the art security solutions.  We are also proud to be an American owned company with over three decades of proven experience and credentials, which allow us to stand out in the world of security and private investigation.


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