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Gary E. Weksler


Gary Weksler – Executive Vice President and COO

Gary Weksler – Private Investigation ServicesMr. Weksler is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Elite Investigations. A former member of the New York City Police Department, Mr. Weksler is also the co-founder of Elite Investigations, retiring from the department as a Lieutenant to pursue his vision to build a high level security company. Mr. Weksler has more than 27 years of security industry experience.

During his tenure with the New York City Police Department, Mr. Weksler was involved in the management of hundreds of law enforcement and civilian personnel. In this capacity Mr. Weksler managed the department’s patrol training efforts and specialized event deployment. Mr. Weksler played a key role in the implementation of the police and community problem solving strategies that are more commonly referred to as Community Policing – a strategy that would ultimately become the cornerstone for crime reduction efforts in New York City.

Mr. Weksler has a broad experience in business development, security management, and organizational operation. Additionally Mr. Weksler has a strong working knowledge of the intricacies of corporate, residential, industrial and personal security. This experience combined with his law enforcement knowledge has enabled Mr. Weksler to develop a unique and highly successful program that has proven incredibly successful within the investigative and retail security arena.

Throughout his career as a security industry executive, Mr. Weksler has been called upon to serve as a special law enforcement advisor to several political candidates. Mr. Weksler currently serves on numerous advisory boards within the law enforcement community and has appeared as a special advisor and commentator on major television networks regarding matters of local, national and international security. Mr. Weksler has also provided his expertise and comments at security seminars designed for and presented to Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Weksler has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Brooklyn College. Mr. Weksler is also a graduate of the Brooklyn District Attorney Special Investigators program and is a Certified International Investigator. Mr. Weksler has received numerous security and law enforcement program certifications and is also an active member of several professional associations.


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