Nationwide Services

At Elite Investigations, we make our services available nationwide with ease. Starting with having a single point of contact, to broad geographic reach and 24/7 response. Our fully vetted partners are trustworthy and reliable.
nationwide services

Single point of contact

The term single point of contact refers to just that, a single point of interaction. Employees should not be required to know exactly what they require, much less who to contact about it. Employees simply need to understand how to communicate with the one point of contact. When done correctly, a SPOC ensures that your employee's inquiry or issue will be addressed by the appropriate colleague.

Broad Geographic Reach & 24/7 Response

At Elite Investigations, we make sure that you can reach us no matter where you are or what time it is.

Fully Vetted partners

Our partners have been subjected to evaluation or appraisal and critically reviewed and evaluated for official approval on our behalf.