Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Investigations, LTD offers answers to frequently asked questions about our services. Click on a subject question to view the answers. Should you have any further questions, please contact us.

Security Guards

We have a variety of security guard services, from uniformed to plain clothes and from unarmed to armed.  In our 30 year company history we have serviced all different kinds of clients: housing, commercial, retail, institutional and industrial.  Therefore our rates are custom tailored to suit our clients’ needs and budgets.
Service can begin as soon as we understand what our client wants and needs, get contract signed, and properly prepare our service personnel.  Often we can begin service in a few days, or sooner in emergencies.
All of Elite’s security personnel in all states are properly licensed and insured.
All security personnel are trained according to state licensing requirements and the specific needs of our clients.
Our teams of retired and off-duty law enforcement supervisors train and supervise our guard force and provide substantive support on a continuous basis.
We are fully insured, bonded and have $5 million in General Liability insurance with a national carrier.

Special Events

No two events are ever the same and no two security companies are the same. If you are planning a special event, the security company you hire should have experience in dealing with all the challenges that special events present. Such as access control, crowd control, permit acquisition, press relations, etc. The company’s past experience of successfully providing security for special events should also be reviewed.
When you engage the services of a security company that provides special event security services their representative should meet with you to review all the details of your event to determine the appropriate staffing levels.

They should also be able to assist you in recognizing and assisting in providing you with other services that may be required for your event such as, executive protection and threat assessment, permit acquisition, explosive detection, search / metal detection, parking / traffic coordination, transportation coordination, medical services and liaison with law enforcement and government agencies.

Additionally, you should consult with your security company prior to printing invitations / tickets to ensure that these items are produced in a manner that will prevent counterfeiting.

Costs for special event security personnel are based on an hourly rate per officer. There is usually a minimum hourly charge per officer as well. Depending on the size and complexity of the event, there may also be administrative charges.
Costs for ancillary services (i.e.: permit acquisition, metal detection services) are determined on a per event basis based on requirements.
You should always hire a licensed security company to insure that all laws and regulations are being adhered to. Licensing also insures that the company’s employees are licensed and have met the necessary training requirements as well.

In New York State Security Companies are licensed by the State of New York, Department of State, Division of Licensing Services. The licensing agencies differ from state to state but all have licensing requirements.

All licensed Security Companies are required to meet state mandated standards of experience, screening, testing and compliance by regulating authorities. Upon issuance of a license the company must show proof of insurance and bonding before being allowed to operate.


Initial contact is made by phone , letter or email and an appointment is established for a FREE consultation. If we mutually decide to proceed with the case, a contract (service agreement) is signed by a both parties and a retainer (Deposit). Upon completion of these steps the investigation will commence.
This will be covered during the initial contact, but it is a good idea if the investigation involves an individual as the subject, a current picture is advised. In addition the investigator will need additional identifiers:  physical description, auto description, residence and work location, travel habits, clothing: hat, color coat glasses etc.  The more detail you give the investigator the better the success rate for a fruitful surveillance if that is the method of investigation being utilized.  Other identifiers on the subject that may be required: cell  phone number,  social security number , date of birth, hobbies work affiliations, friends and associates, other may come up as the case is being discussed.
This is very difficult to determine when the activity may be dictated by the subject in the case of surveillance, but in research cases, background and other  information required investigations the investigator should be able to arrive at a close time frame for the results.

This also is very difficult to foresee in the case of surveillance for the same reason  stated above but you are in charge of the investigation, it can be halted with 24 hour notice and any retainer balance refunded immediately. If you are coming close to the end of your retainer , the investigator will contact you and request an additional retainer to continue the investigation, at this time you will determine if the case will continue or not. If the desired results are achieved within the initial retainer period  a refund of the unused portion of the retainer will be enclosed with the final report.
The relationship between the investigator and the client is extremely confidential as it would be with your lawyer or doctor. The details of the investigation are discussed only with the client and the investigator’s immediate supervisor.
In rare instances the subject may become aware of a surveillance , especially if the subject has been followed before by an inexperienced  operative in the past and this has caused their  suspicion and awareness to rise. At no time will the subject find out who the client (you) is, the only way this information could be disclosed would be by court order which is very rarely done except in specific criminal cases where information developed may affect the outcome of a trial.
No, it requires a training and expertise to accomplish this very difficult and complicated method of investigation. Anyone attempting to do this without the necessary training will create a (stepped on condition) suspicious subject which is far more difficult to follow due to their heightened alertness. Finally, it is illegal to follow someone without being licensed to do so. This practice without a license is considered “stalking” and a form of harassment.  It is prosecutable in criminal court.
Private investigators are licensed by the State of New York, Department of State, Division of Licensing Services. Each Private Investigator meets stringent character and experience screening, testing and interviews by State inspectors. Upon completion the “Detective Agency” must show proof of insurance and surety before offering any service to public,  private or corporate community.
You can call the Better Business Bureau, or the best way is to see how long a business has existed. Usually a disreputable business will not last long before the public puts them out of business by non-use. Another way is to check with the recognized industry associations:

  • World Association Of Detectives (WAD)
  • National Council of Investigative & Security Services (NCISS)
  • American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)
  • Associated Licensed Defectives of New York Inc. (ALDONYS)

Any professional investigative organization will be a member in good standing in one if not all of these associations which have strict requirements for admission.

Consulting Services

Elite’s team of top industry professional have a highly diverse background in all phases of risk management, security and safety.  Our enterprise risk management approach underscores our comprehensive effort to helping our clients properly and efficiently negotiate their risks in an increasingly complex business environment.
Our rates for risk assessments, threat assessment and security audits depend on our clients’ needs.  Our proposals spell out all details of our program and all associated costs at each stage of implementation.
We travel world-wide to service our clients’ needs.
Our Senior Consultants are among the most experienced in the industry averaging almost 30 years of security and law enforcement experience.  Our chief consultant for example has 34 years of industry experience and holds a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification from ASIS International and is board certified in security management.  He has a Master degree in Protection Management from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  Our Senior Vice President is a former Deputy Chief of the New York City Police Department and a former Police Commissioner of the City of Baltimore.  They head a team of professionals with a wide range of expertise.

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