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Employee Resources

Employee Tiers And Paid Time Off

All time is calculated in the calendar year for Tiers 1-3 and the anniversary year for Tier 4 staff. You cannot take multiple vacation weeks concurrently for Tiers 2-4. You should always make a great effort to provide your manager with two weeks’ notice of your intent to take any time off at all, so they have time to properly prepare while you are gone. All time requests are subject to management discretion and how they operate with their schedules. Also make sure to use the appropriate forms to complete your time off request so it can be properly processed; any incorrect forms submitted will not be processed.

Up to 50% of vacation time can be taken as “Money Only.” The rest of your vacation time must be used as time off. Personal days are not included. “Black-Out” days are days that no vacation time will be authorized and are subject to Elite Investigations, LTD’s discretion. These days include July 4th and Black Friday weekend.


Earned Safe and Sick leave

Earned Safe and Sick Leave is NOT an Elite Investigations, LTD benefit but rather it is payable as mandated by the federal, state and local laws. Earned Safe and Sick leave accrues at a rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked (or some other accrual rate, dependent on the jurisdiction), to a maximum of 40 hrs. per year and can be used after 120 days of start of employment. Any unused hours accrued the previous year will be carried over to the new year and counted toward the employees accrued hours to reach 40 hrs. of Earned Safe and Sick Leave. Safe and Sick Leave is only authorized for use based on the law.

Elite Investigations, LTD does not allow accrual or carryover to a new calendar year of any paid vacation or personal leave other than Earned Safe and Sick leave. Any unused paid leave, other than Earned Safe and Sick Leave, is forfeited at the commencement of the new calendar year for Tiers 1-3 and on the anniversary year for Tier 4.


Internal complaints information

Elite Investigations, LTD takes employee complaints extremely seriously. Any mistreatment which can include discrimination, harassment, unethical or unfair conduct should be reported immediately. We request you fill out the appropriate form and to use any additional sheets of paper as needed.

Confidentiality will be maintained as much as possible. Once the investigation is complete, you will be notified of the company’s intended action. If you have any questions at all regarding this process, feel free to ask at the end of this form and we will do everything we can to get them answered for you.


Employee suggestion form

This form is available to you in order to file any suggestion or changes you would like to see in the company. You can list a complete summary of what you would like to see or what you believe needs some work, as well as how it can benefit the company.