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Elite Investigations: Custom Security Services Since 1980

At Elite Investigations, we give you results and true peace of mind. We do private investigations and provide uniformed security guards for properties and special events nationwide.  We aren’t amateurs. We don’t hire amateurs because we know our clients need the best.  We only use experienced professionals to protect what is important to you. Our work is thorough and cost-effective. We help you make the right informed decisions for you, your family, and your business. Our company ensures the best results with our unrivaled knowledge, training, and resources. Elite Investigations puts everything to the best use for you.

Who We Are: A Leading Security Company

Our company only works with the best when it comes to protective security and investigations. Our staff is made up of experienced industry experts who know what to look for. Whether during an investigation or deciding on a level of threat, we pay attention to detail. Our agents have various military, law enforcement, federal agency, and police detective backgrounds. Everything we do is a collaborative effort using procedure and skill to give you a second-to-none experience. We use only the most state-of-the-art technology.  Our methods provide you with custom, top-tier security, and investigative results.  Our dedicated customer service and judgment have made us the leading security company we are today.

Our Mission: Highest Caliber Security Services

Our mission is simple:  give our clients top security services and investigations according to their needs. To achieve that goal, we focus on attention to detail and a customized approach to everything we do. No matter the case, we adjust our methods and personnel. We provide real data and security you deserve from start to finish. We use real experts who specialize in expert planning, proven tactics, and advanced technology. They have the valuable experience necessary to do the job right. Talk with us during your one-on-one consultation.  We’ll answer all your questions in detail. Our company values transparency about our methods, fees, and findings.  We make ourselves available to you 24/7 to give you the experience you deserve.

Security Services For Special Events

Innovative Security Strategies for Special Events & More

Our stable management team uses top protective security and investigative strategies in the industry today. Our company has been owner-managed since 1980, so we have had time to perfect everything we do, our way. Elite Investigations is an expert in security services for special events and properties and private investigations for businesses, corporations, and private citizens. We work with a national network of partners to serve you anywhere and use various methods depending on the industry and need. We have worked with multiple insurance companies, attorneys, and estates. We will always gather facts, document all our findings, give you detailed confidential reporting, and present all media (including photos, video, audio recordings, and more). This helps you make an informed decision based on evidence, not guessing. Our agents keep you updated on all progress in real-time, so you have the facts to make on-the-spot choices.

Who We Help: Commercial Retailers to Celebrities

Elite Investigations has hundreds of grateful clients and the highest reported levels of customer satisfaction. We work with lawyers, homeowners, businesses, and even provide robotic surveillance. We work with a wide variety of clients, including

  • Retail/Malls: Retail stores and malls can often be theft victims. Our security services prevent loss of inventory, break-ins, and offer watchful eyes for overall security.
  • Office Buildings: Commercial parks can have any number of tenants. Those tenants need security that makes them feel secure and supported in times of emergency. Our organization gives them uniformed security guards and so much more.
  • Commercial & Residential Properties: Police resources are limited, especially in major cities. Security cameras do almost nothing to prevent crime in real-time. Elite Investigations gives homeowners and businesses over four decades of security and investigation experience. Call us today. We protect homes and businesses by putting security guards on the ground to secure all kinds of properties.
  • Cultural & Entertainment: Elite Investigations works with celebrities and the entertainment business. We handle all their security and investigative needs. We have the knowledge, experience, and demeanor to offer ideal protective services.
  • Education: Today, schools are at risk of gun violence and other threats. Our teams and investigators work with educators to ensure the security of America’s youth.
  • Health Care: We offer top security for hospitals, clinics, and private medical practices. Today’s modern healthcare workers count on us to do their jobs securely every day.
  • Banking: Banking institutions need heightened levels of security daily. We provide all the necessary services to guarantee loss prevention.
  • Construction: Construction sites have expensive equipment parked overnight. Our security details make sure that equipment stays put until morning.
  • Hospitality: The hospitality industry needs top-notch security when dealing with rich and powerful clients. We tailor our offers to meet those needs according to strict industry requirements.
  • Religious Institutions: Religious institutions are seeing an uptick in attacks against their worshippers. Our uniformed security guards create a secure environment where people may pray in peace, no matter the religious group.

Contact Elite Investigations for Top-Level Security

When you need top-level protective security or investigation services, contact Elite Investigations. We look forward to working with you to provide the ultimate risk management for loss prevention before it’s too late.

Security Guard & Investigative Services